The Coulson Group is a family owned and operated group of companies that began in 1960 with forestry; eventually expanding into aviation and lumber manufacturing in the late 80s. In 2012, the Coulson IceBlast team began revolutionizing ice blasting technology; striving to create a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to industrial and precision cleaning. The Coulson Ice Blast team is comprised of a group of specialized industry experts working to provide an environmentally-friendly high quality cleaning technology applicable for a variety of industries. In 2017 the Coulson Ice Blast team came out with the IceStorm90, an innovative portable wet ice blasting machine. The IceStorm90 utilizes 10% of the water that would be used for pressure washing, while using no environmentally harmful abrasives; as well as using no expensive blasting media such as dry ice and sand.

Coulson Ice Blast Head Office. 150,000 sq.ft located in Port Alberni, BC, Canada.

Coulson Ice Blast Head Office. 150,000 sq.ft located in Port Alberni, BC, Canada.


Coulson Aviation

ABOUT US - Coulson Aviation

Coulson Aircrane Ltd. is a privately owned family company based in Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada. The company has over 110,000 safe flight hours and has been in the aviation business for over 29 years; operating a diverse fleet of both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.

The company's operations include helicopter logging, forest fire suppression, power-line construction, airliner passenger transport and many other industrial heavy lift operations. The fleet is geared for mobility and self-sufficiency and is supported by mobile fuel tankers and aircraft maintenance service vehicles staffed with qualified engineers. These helicopter aviation services are provided to clients on a "turn key" basis.

Coulson Aviation (USA) Inc. was founded in 1990 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Coulson Aircrane Ltd. From 1990 to 1993 Coulson Aviation (USA) provided the personnel for extensive heli-logging operations in Alaska. In the succeeding years, Coulson Aviation (USA) purchased its first C-130 Hercules that currently holds contracts within the United States and Australia. A second C-130 Hercules was acquired for the program in 2015 to accommodate the growing need for large air tankers.

Coulson Aircrane Ltd.(Port Alberni, BC) and Coulson Aviation(USA) Inc.(Reno, NV) operate a Business and Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2015 + AS9100D for the Design and Manufacturing of parts and assemblies, including post-delivery support.

Coulson Aviation (Australia) PTY Ltd was created in 2010 to support Coulson Aircrane's long term operations and commitment to its Australian Customers. It was setup as a wholly owned subsidiary of Coulson Aircrane Ltd. to provide aircraft personnel for Coulson’s rotary and fixed wing aircraft operating under contract in Australia for Firefighting and OffShore Oil applications.