Automotive Industry/Manufacturing

Coulson Ice Blast has a strong market share within the automotive sector for a variety of applications. Helping companies save as much as $200,000 per year switching from dry ice, to regular ice. When ice isn’t the answer, the customer can switch the system to dry ice mode, and simply add dry ice into the hopper to further expand its capabilities. With an all in one system, such as the IceStorm90+ or the new IceStorm45, you can tackle any application with confidence and ease.


Ice - Optimal applications in ice mode

  • Core box

  • Permanent aluminum mold

  • Paint hook

  • Transmission housing

  • Painting system cleaning

  • Seat Moulds

  • Deburring transmissions

  • Aluminum clam shell molds

  • Stamping plants

  • Inground scrap systems

  • Die wash systems

  • Deburring


Further Content

Dry Ice - Optimal Applications in dry ice mode

  • Robotic welding equipment

  • Electronic boards

  • Rubber tire molds

  • Removing paint

  • Removing rust

  • Slush molds

  • Electrical

  • Weld lines