New Distributor for Australia

Coulson Ice Blast is coming Downunder

With the appointment of Techclean Australia as Distributors for Coulson Ice Blast blasting machines a whole new aspect of blast cleaning is opening for Australia and New Zealand.

Techclean Australia is a family owned and run business with experience over many years in all kinds of blasting including Dry ice, garnet, sand and glass beads and we look forward to the business association with Coulson Ice Blast.

Techclean is excited to embrace and introduce the Coulson technology which uses water iceas a blasting medium instead of the traditional forms of media

This may sound (and is) revolutionary in several aspects – the cost of water ice, availability of ice in more remote areas, the safety of the blasting medium and the complete clean (including rinse) that the process delivers.

Coulson Ice Blast is a Canadian based manufacturer of innovating ice technologies that is revolutionizing the blasting industry. 

Techclean can supply informed advice, site inspections and quotations for the sale of machines and ice and rental or contract cleaning by our qualified operatives.

Techclean will continue to manufacture and sell Dry Ice for various applications such as food storage,

DI blasting, special effects etc. and to supply Dry Ice blasters for sale or rental.

Tashia Potter