New distributor for Brazil

Coulson Ice Blast Announces New Distributor

New distributor for Brazil
Brazil:Coulson Ice Blast is proud to announce a partnership with Stern Service Ltd. who will be our distributor in Brazil. 

“We from Stern Service are very excited to be the exclusive distributor of Coulson Ice Blast in Brazil. We hope that with this new technology, to add value in the Brazilian market, generate new jobs and new business possibilities.” Eduardo Hamdan for Stern Service.

Headquartered in the city of Indaiatuba, near Campinas-Sao Paulo, the company is located 9km from the Viracopos Airport and next to a highway net, linking the state to the main regions of the country.  Through this strategic position, The Stern Service Ltda. is able to mobilize and execute contracts in any construction site or industrial area in Brazil.

Coulson Ice Blast: Coulson Ice Blast produces non-abrasive blasting machines using patented wet-ice technology. Traditionally the industrial cleaning industry has been dominated by dry ice blasting. Coulson Ice Blast is disrupting tradition with the new environmentally friendly, low media cost technology.

Tashia Potter