New distributor for Ontario, Canada

Coulson Ice Blast Announces New Distributor

New distributor for Ontario, Canada
Ontario, Canada:Coulson Ice Blast is proud to announce a partnership with TNT Dry Ice Services, who will be our distributor for Ontario, Canada.

“We have many years of blasting experience including wet and dry media, baking soda and dry ice; we’re really looking forward to working with Coulson Ice Blast and this new technology.” - Jim Driedgerfor TNT Dry Ice Services.

TNT Dry Ice Services have been providing cleaning services throughout Ontario, Canada for over 30 years. 

Coulson Ice Blast: Coulson Ice Blast produces non-abrasive blasting machines using patented wet-ice technology. Traditionally the industrial cleaning industry has been dominated by dry ice blasting. Coulson Ice Blast is disrupting tradition with the new environmentally friendly, low media cost technology.

Tashia Potter