New distributor for Taiwan



Coulson Ice Blast Announces New Distributor
New distributor for Taiwan

Taiwan:Coulson Ice Blast is proud to announce a partnership with Jiajie Environmental Protection co. Ltd who will be our distributor for Taiwan.

“We’re excited to find suitable cleaning equipment for the oil industry and heavy industry. With Coulson Ice Blast technology we can make important innovations for our cleaning industry. The reduction in the amount of wastewater generated after cleaning is an important issue, especially in today's environment where protection is needed.” - Jiaxiong Zhuang for Jiajie Environmental Ltd.

Jiajie Environmental Ltd. specializes in providing equipment-cleaning services for oil companies, power generation industry, steel industry and the IC industry.They believe in service quality, time efficiency and environmental protection, so Coulson Ice Blast aligns well with the company values of Jiajie Environmental Ltd. 

Coulson Ice Blast: Coulson Ice Blast produces non-abrasive blasting machines using patented wet-ice technology. Traditionally the industrial cleaning industry has been dominated by dry ice blasting. Coulson Ice Blast is disrupting tradition with the new environmentally friendly, low media cost technology.

Tashia Potter