Foundry & Mold

A perfect industry and range of applications for Coulson Ice Blast’s technology is foundry work. With extensive experience and our equipment being used all around the world in Foundries, the power of using ice and/or dry ice, opens up many doors for our users. Many foundries are using ice mode, opposed to dry ice, in order to save money and speed up the cleaning process as ice in foundry applications does a better job than dry ice.


Ice - Optimal applications in ice mode

Further Content

  • Permanent aluminum molds

  • Sand casting

  • Remove resins and release agents

  • General equipment

Dry Ice - Optimal Applications in dry ice mode

  • Isocure cores

  • Poured aluminum moulds

  • Refectory coatings

  • Core boxes and vents

  • Die cast tooling

  • Shell core molds

  • semi-solid castings and forging